November 17th, 2005

life begins - me

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I want this. Badly.

Why am I awake? Why was I awake two hours ago? I'm not working today, I should be doing that thing people do at night sometimes, y'know when they kinda go into a coma like state for a few hours - sometimes as much as ten I'm told.

Sleep. That's it.

But nope, I'm awake and online. Joy... Dog goes into kennels today for his holiday whilst I'm on holiday, and I've done it again - I have no idea where his vaccination record is and the kennels won't take him without it. Guess this'll be another weekend when it won't be entirely clear when I get back whether the house has been ransacked by a burglar or by me...

I have so much still to do... In case I haven't mentioned where I'm going this weekend? Here's where. *g*

eta the to do list from the other day:
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