November 22nd, 2005

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so my dog is still in the boarding kennels, for which I'm going to be charged a horrendous amount for keeping him there another night, I'm at work because my boss arranged a meeting for today before I got the chance to take the day off as flexi-leave and guess what? My boss is off sick so the meeting isn't going to happen...

Oh - and random rant, my 'flexi-buddy' (meaning the person I have to check with to make sure she's going to be in if I want a day off and vice versa) sent an email yesterday telling everyone she was taking Friday off as flexi-leave. Nice to see she checked with me first then...

I'm still determined to keep the high going from the weekend - it really was a lot of fun! (Well, apart from the random injuries incurred... smileawhile? How're you feeling?) I'm taking a half day to go collect the dog, get some food into the house and unpack properly and once all that's done, then I'll get some sort of coherant post about the convention compiled - plus the poem what I wrote on Saturday night when I was very... tipsy would be a good way to put it I think! *g*

This going back to normal life after a convention weekend thing sucks... although I now have all the pretty pictures to look at and smile... Which reminds me, must put the rolls of film in to be processed... (and see how much it is to get them to put them on disk for me rather than me scanning them in and saving them myself)
life begins - me


could someone tell the BBC standalone media player that it's a good ideato let people both see the video and hear the audio at the same time? I'm trying to watch the Doctor Who special I missed because I was otherwise occupied getting Nathan to show me how to really go about making an impression... sorry, sidetracked (and will explain later!) and it keeps freezing on me...

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