November 24th, 2005

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Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans amongst you, sorry I missed the Canadian one when it came!

Turns out that eating junk food all weekend seriously screws up your digestive system. We had room only rates at the hotel so we were pretty much reliant on the Macdonalds down the road for sustenance. Last night was the first time since coming back that I actually ate a proper meal - steamed fish in a pepper sauce, mashed potatoes and brocolli. I was ill.

Plus I still can't find my glasses yet - haven't seen them since last Wednesday - so I'm starting to get a little headachey as well. This is a really fun week!

I was going to post the OFWI fic this morning (sorry emeraldswan, I can't really wait to hear back from you for much longer) but I forgot the details of the prompt so it'll be tonight before it's up - and it definitely will be up tonight!

Couple of announcements by the way - first, I'm certifiable. I've just signed up for another challenge contest - iconfic150

Second - there is no way barring some serious time and space distortion that I will be anywhere near 50,000 words for NaNo this year so I'm calling a halt to it. I will be finishing the story, but at my own pace and in my own way (so all those superfluous adjectives can come out now!).

Third - kinda a request, the B/X site is ready to launch but I have a specific type of graphic in mind for it and am looking for resources. The tarot cards from Primeval. They aren't featured on the FreezeFrame sites and the quality on Screencap Paradise isn't high enough for what I want - does anyone have another resource for them or the ability to cap them? *bats eyelashes hopefully*
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