November 26th, 2005

life begins - me

To Do List

I have five days to do all of this - I took Mon-Wed off work in the hopes that I'd be finishing up the NaNo thing...

1. Put convention pictures in to be processed (and get them copied to disk) (couple of really good ones of Summer in there so yay! But boo - they printed the same spool twice so I had to take them back - they'll phone me when they're all ready...)
2. Write at least three fics for joss100 SimonTam challenge
3. Write at least one fic for fanfic100 Mara Jade challenge
4. Make a start on iconfic150 Faith challenge (maybe three fics and ten icons?)
5. Make banners for previous winners on zeppo_stillness
6. Try to get some entries done for other challenge contests (especially joss_stills!)
7. Catch up with family and tell sister that I don't plan to spend the whole day at her place for Christmas
8. Laundry
9. Dishes
10. Find a cheap treadmill (seriously, I started running a little a couple of months ago but it's too damn cold to do it outside now!)
11. Grocery shopping.
12. Get Saturday and Sunday con reports written.
13. Clear out some of the psd files I have clogging up my computer's memory and copy the TV shows to disk to free up some space.
14. Get caught up on all the fic I've not been reading (or writing) during November!
15. Maybe get some more of Walk Away, Crimson Regret and Destiny written.

'kay, now I'm freezing and have no mugs to make coffee in. I should go get started on that!