November 28th, 2005

head-desk - me

Um. Ooops.

So I finally gave up on the hopes of finding my glasses and called the opticians to make an appointment. They said "Have you had your eyes tested here before?" I said yes. They asked for my DOB, my name and phone number, I gave them the details. They said "Um, have you been to any other opticians lately?" I say nope, I only deal with them. They said "Do you know it's been five years since your last appointment?"

Um. Nope, I didn't. No wonder I've been headachey...

I promised myself I would get some writing done today, but I keep being distracted by the most random things - like the full suitcase of clothes sitting under my bed. At least I've found my Four Star Mary hoody that I thought was gone forever!

Must. Write.

(What're the odds on me finding my glasses at some point this afternoon now I've committed to getting a new pair?)
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    Will Young - Leave Right Now. (Why?!! Why is this on my MP3 player?!)