November 30th, 2005

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Does anyone seriously still fall for the old "Pleaze update your banking detials!" emails? (spelling mistakes deliberate)

I don't have an account with Barclays, sending me the same email four times within two minutes is not going to make me suddenly think "Hey, I have an account with them? Guess I better click on this link and give them my personal details then!"


I've yet to have any spam go to my gmail account(s) and if it weren't for some silly legal dispute in the UK over the name gmail I'd probably switch all my email over to them.

(plus, new icon! By me - for snagging if you want it - it's from a still of Serenity which I felt a little guilty about using because it's from the movie, meaning the person who capped it got an illegal copy, then I looked at the "TV Shows" folder on my computer and realised how hypocritical I was being... *g*)

ETA Dale? (noisy neighbour). My household insurance is up to date. Is yours? If you come through that wall - which is becoming more and more likely with each passing second (and with every hammer strike/drill-hole/weird scraping thing I still haven't identified) - you're going to find yourself with a hefty claim, a complaint to Environmental Health against your name, and a very grumpy Sho on your hands. *eg*

second edit I think I get it now. I think he's re-wiring his house. He's not a sparks (electrician), he's a postman/decorator/lawnmower-repairman/Jack-of-all-trades. Crap.
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Wow. It's a strange feeling to be in a shop and hand over a lot of money all at once. £139 in one go. The glasses are kinda cute - not the designer pair she was trying to get me to buy - but I won't get them for another four or five working days. So that'll be next weekend before I can pick them up - unless my sister goes into labour early (she's due on the 14th) and I take time off to watch the kids and manage to get into the opticians then...



I did get a pair free - which are also pretty cool - but still, £139?
life begins - me


So I've been distracted from doing the things I was supposed to be doing (like the first entry for iconfic150 which is due tomorrow...) and been making Firefly wallpapers.

thedothatgirl asked for a Firefly wallpaper for Christmas so Andrea? Here you go!

'Kay, now I'm off to make some Faith icons...