December 1st, 2005

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Support World AIDS Day

To mark World Aids Day I've chenged the Featured Stories on the front page of INAP to highlight two excellent submissions by INAP members Kayla Shay and Nemo Gravis.

Kayla Shay's story All About The Journey is an angsty tale of the immediacy of shock after being diagnosed as HIV positive. It's a heartbreaking tale which I encourage everyone to read.

naol's story To Live and Learn shows that it's possible to not only survive with AIDS, but to live.

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Fic and pimping...

Made my first submission for iconfic150


This community isn't getting the attention it deserves - it's a 20 week challenge to write 50 fics and create 100 icons on a single subject. You can claim a TV show, a film, a book, a character, anything you like really! So far I'm the only Whedon-verse claimee on the community and I'm starting to feel a little lonely... Come! Join!

And... Take Me Out To The Black - finally getting back to posting Simon fic over at joss100! (I'm not all that happy with that one but since I've re-written it at least five times over the last couple of days I'm just going ahead and posting it...)

And while I'm in a pimping mood - smhwpf has a new chapter of his Tales of the First: The Calling out - it's wonderful. Go read it now. *g*