December 4th, 2005

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The BBC have been running an odd kinda docudrama type thing over the last few weeks on Sunday nights. Egypt. It won't be a surprise that I've been pretty interested in this programme and had been quite excited about it.

The premise - dramtisations of the lives of some of the most prominent recent Egyptologists and how that relates to their discoveries. (For example, the first two-parter was a dramatisation of Howard Carter's time in Egypt and threw in some snippets about the life of Tutankhamun)

This week (and last) was about Jean Francois Champolion. The French linguist who cracked the hieroglyph code and as a result is the source of everything we know about Ancient Egypt.

I'm a linguist, I kinda am the she-Giles in that I work in a library and I speak (or read) a scary amount of languages. Expose me to a language and within a couple of weeks I can get by in it, give me a couple of months and I could be damn near fluent. (Hell I was even reading a Polish newspaper the other day at work!) I was really looking forward to the second part of this story.

It sucked.

It was extremely badly written, it raised many points of interest and then never concluded them, it spent the last five minutes of the show talking about Tutankhamun. I guess the programme makers were expecting people to be bored of the shots of papyrii and in need of some 'ooo! Gold! Pretty!' moments.

I was really disappointed in the programme. It could have been great, it wasn't.

Still, the guy they hired to play Champolion was pretty good for eye candy purposes... (just in case you were under the impression I'd gone all deep there, see? I'm still shallow!)