December 15th, 2005

life begins - me

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First - my first GG icon! Yay! engelsteorra made it for me last night instead of finishing her essay. *stern glare* Thank you honey!

Second, jgracio wrote a little reply to my jokey ficlet yesterday (which is flocked 'cause it features people I know in real life and I come out in a rash around RPF - this was the one and only time I'll ever venture anywhere near writing RPF, and since the RP is me in a (I hope) not too badly Mary Sue role I hope you guys can forgive me! Anyways' JG's response is in the comments and I can't put into words how apropos it was when I was reading it at just after 6am this morning with a soundtrack of random DIY coming through the wall. Yup. 6am. DIY/Buildery type noises. *sigh*

Third, since I seem to be running a little countdown for some unknown reason, I have to give a huuuuuge hug to acrazywench for looking for the Millennium Falcon for me in London - no luck unfortunately but thank you honey! (And Becks? Did you like my phone manner - all business-like until I heard your voice!)

Fourth, another thank you to engelsteorra for buying me Oreos! They're not easy to get in Scotland and are next to impossible to find in Ayrshire (where I actually live, work in Glasgow, live in Ayrshire). Sharon bought me them yesterday - and I'm actually surprising myself to note that they are still not opened!

Fifth, my headphones on my mp3 player are screwed. It's not a 'real' one, it's probably the cheapest one out there (present from Sister last year, good grief I sound cynical!) and the headphone jack is an odd size (mass conspiracy by Sony to force me to buy their products probably) which means I can't just buy any old pair of earphones. One ear stopped working and the other sounds like whatever tune is on is being played in a tin can three miles away. So I am currently tune-less. Joy.

Right - more ficlets coming during the day I think, and I will have the 70 Questions site up to date by tonight!
life begins - me

Fuck it

This day just keeps on getting better. Forgot to leave early from work (after all that kerfuffle about the flexi time and breaks not being covered) so I got caught up in traffic outside one of the biggest shopping malls in Scotland. Stopped off at Sister's house to drop off a book she asked me to get fromt he library. Only just escaped after an hour and a half.

Oh, and apparently it's my fault there was a Millennium Falcon in the local Argos today and they missed it.

Yeah - I was in Glasgow, it's not my email address being used as the alert one so of course it's my fault.

Someone pass the tequila.
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