December 16th, 2005

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Guess what?

Sister's in labour. Kinda. Well, she's Collapse ) so there's still a while to go yet, but it'll be tonight - or tomorrow at the latest.

So my red wine's back in the rack, the ice cream's in the freezer, the chinese food is in the fridge and I'm determined not to feel guilty about not going up at lunchtime when she called.

" you could come up if you want."
"I'd rather not, if you're okay. I just want some time that's just for me."
"... oh... are you sure?"
"Do you need me there?"
"Well, no..."
"Then I'll come up when you need me."
{{nephew is given the phone}}"Auntie Shona? Are you coming up to my house?" (he's three, he's very careful in his pronunciation right now - it's the cutest thing!)
"Not right now sweetie, maybe later on."
"oh." {{nephew sounds disappointed and the phone is put on the table in disgust}}

Oh - random other news. Go add "Ae Fond Kiss" to your DVD rental lists. Go, do it now. It's just a wonderfully painful film. Yes, some of the acting is ropey (Cassim's older sister and his best mate especially) and the production values make it clear that it was made on the cheap, but it's a really touching film. Young Muslim Glaswegian falls for his little sister's music teacher. Trouble is, she's white, Irish Catholic and teaching in a Catholic school in Glasgow. The two of them face horendous amounts of bigotry and hardships - Cassim is due to marry his cousin in an arranged wedding and Roisin is just about to be offered a permanent teaching position in the school but needs her parish priest's approval.

It is a wonderful film. Go, track it down and watch it. (The title comes from a Robert Burns song by the way.)

Oh, and I'm thinking of taking a leaf out of naol's book and pruning my user pics back. Here's the current ones - which do you guys think I should bin, which should I keep, and which (of the ones made by me!) should I re-work so that they're not so obviously made when I was first starting out with graphics? *g* I should mention that I like having an icon for each of my longer WiPs but I'm not completely married to the ones that are there. If you guys tell me the WaDaDM or Crimson Regret or Worlds Collide icons suck, then I'll just make new ones that don't. Suck, that is. :)