December 19th, 2005

life begins - me


So my weekend was a little... strange to say the least! I had a list of things I needed to get done and none of them happened. The ficlets and graphics I am doing for people were all supposed to be done by today at the latest but the twelve hour nap I took on Saturday kinda made that impossible. (Honestly, I lay down at 8pm for a quick nap and woke up at 8:30am Sunday.) Plus I got all my sister's shopping done but very little of my own, so I'm taking Thursday afternoon off so that I'm not actually hitting the shops on Christmas Eve 'cause that would kinda suck really! Still no clue what certain people are getting from me this year, I hate buying for awkward people - they don't like jewlery, they only wear one outfit most of the time so clothes are out, they don't watch films more than once so DVDs are out - same with music, they don't like getting things for the house so cookery stuff is out. Basically I'm flummoxed.

And I've deleted most of my userpics. The ones I have left are the ones I either can't live without or am going to adapt a little. All of my fic icons are gone - that's temporary, they weren't up to my new higher standards so I'm re-making them. Or will be in all this copious spare time I have! So now I'm on the look out for new icons. Not necessarily fandom related, in fact I think it's probably about time I had some non-fandom icons! - so, any suggestions?

Now, I guess I should be working really... ah well, back to the grindstone it is then.

ETA Well you could knock me down with a feather! The one person in the library who could give me a run for my money in the 'off sick for no reason' stakes has just walked in. He's been off for... is it three weeks now? and no one expected to see him again in 2005!
life begins - me

To Do List

Veronica Mars ficlet for Anonymous #1
d_tepes  crack-fic Veronica & Logan meet Doctor & Rose (*g* did I just call that a 'crack fic'?)
naol’ icon
invisionary’s Wallace&Veronica icon
emeraldswan’s ficlet & icon
bastardsnow's icon
jgracio's 'real' present

I get the feeling I'm missing something (or someone) really obvious - am I?

Oh - and then there's the B/X site to finish off, the 70 Questions site to catch up on (I've been so bad about that - sorry!), the F/X site to... finish my surprise re-work of (she said suddenly remembering she hadn't mentioned that before...), icons to make for joss_stills (I really want to enter this week and kinda forgot until the reminder went up this morning), Pointless Nostalgic to update, research for my Morocco and Tunisia Africander fics to get under way, 70 Questions for Kaylee to write for the Serenity/Firefly challenge, Christmas presents to buy and wrap, my own WIPs to work on and/or make new icons for...

Just as well I actually do better when I'm busy isn't it?!

Oh - just added Swahili Forum to my list of Africander Resources
life begins - me

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For naol who asked for: "Actually, could you make an icon for me? Something not necessarily fandom related. I challenge you to design an icon that truly represents nemo_gravosity in some way"

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