December 20th, 2005

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INAP glitches

There are currently two glitches on INAP. At least I hope it's only two. invisionary just let me know that the mail alert function isn't working properly and Kayla Shay let me know about a problem with editing old stories.

I am looking into both of these, but could I ask those of you registered with the site to check your stories and accounts? You may find you've got new reviews you didn't know about, you may find there are stories with HTML errors which will not let you edit them. If that's the case, please let me know so I can fix those too.


You can either leave a comment here or email me at shona [at]

ETA so before I left the house this morning I changed some of the file permissions and then changed them back again. And although that really shouldn't have made a difference it seems to have fixed the file edit problem Kayla Shay was having. Huh.

second edit okay.... so I just went in to the same story to try to fix it and it seems that it depends on which way you get into the 'edit story' link. Odd.

Still working on the email notifications though!
life begins - me

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Fic (and other) athons ahoy!

ludditerobot is organising the 'Scatterlings and Orphanages' Africander ficathon - there are still a few countries left to be claimed, it would be beyond cool if the whole continent was covered so go sign up!

jpublic is organising a Rewind/Reboot challenge for the girls of Buffy & Angel! Details are here

naol is still running the masterlist for the BtVS/AtS 70 questions fic challenge (and I will get the site updated tonight, I swear!) Go, pick a character and join the madness (characters already written are fair game by the way!)

bellatemple is organising the Firefly/Serenity version of the 70 questions challenge - go here and sign up!

naol is looking for interest in a 'fics for graphics' -athon. Go - take a look!

And, last - but not least! shannon730 is looking for sign-ups for joss_las Round Two!

Wow - that's a lot of challenges!

ETA I've updated the 70 Questions for... site with all the profiles listed on the masterlist over at naol's journal. (I lied - missed all the Buffy's - sorry!) (All fixed!) The graphics for the last five profiles aren't there and I should really get those links into alphabetic order... Ah well, all that will be completed tonight.
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Bored out of my brain and getting oddly annoyed at the daftest things.

FYI, Janet? This is not a compliment: "I really like the way you've done the tree Shona, it looks really classy. I'd never have thought you'd have done something like that."

I want to get this damn Veronica & Mac ficlet finished but all I keep writing is more and more dialogue! Yes, it's a phone conversation, but there still needs to be more than just quotes in there. It's annoying me a lot right now. I need to move on and not get myself bogged down with it but it's proving difficult.

Maybe I should just give up on fleshing it out and post it as dialogue only. But then that kind of fic usually annoys me unless it's really well written and since this is my first attempt at writing either character I'm not under any illusions about the quality of the writing.

Gah! One more night I think, then it's getting posted whether I'm any happier with it or not.

Right, I'm now at the stage where I'm picking at the biscuits and chocolates that are in the department... I'm never fitting into the top I bought for tomorrow's night out...

I'm off, wish me a less than two-hour drive (32 miles all in...)!
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*grabs thedothatgirl and twirls her madly around the room until we both fall over dizzy*

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Andrea is an amazingly talented artist and sent me a sketch of Nick Brendon for Christmas - it's wonderful! I adore it - and it's back in the protective envelope right now until I get a proper frame for it!

*smooches you again!*

Check out her art - she does work on commission so if you see something that takes your fancy...