December 25th, 2005

life begins - me

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Brother-in-law: "Why are you here, Shona, are you insane?"
Me: (in my head) I was guilt-tripped into this once again mate, and by the way - stop giving me twice the amount of food you're giving everyone else, it's not polite, it makes me feel like you think I'm a pig and anyway your cooking sucks. (out loud) "I'm not doing it next year, ha ha ha"
(somewhere vaguely in the background is playing the brand-new Doctor Who which was pretty much the only thing I was looking forward to today. Did I get to see any of it apart from him opening the doors and going "Miss me?"? Did I buggery.


Me and Dram had a great morning though, my neighbours bought me a present (the nice ones who walk the dog while I'm at work) - a really nice tin of shortbread and a bottle of wine - and they got Drammy some doggie chocs and a squeak toy.

And then I went up to sister's house.


'nuff said.

I hope everyone else is having a fantabulous time today - whatever you're doing!