December 28th, 2005

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Finally made another post to iconfic150! Was beginning to think I was never going to get going with that one again...

Wanna see?

I did make quite a few more icons yesterday - all for that community but I'm not sharing them until they're posted there. :)

Still no sign of the Corgi man to fix the thermostat - althought I really don't think it's fixable to be honest, so that'll be a new thermostat then. And my car insurance renewal came through this morning - could've sworn that wasn't due till April but it turns out that's my house insurance. The quote is actually pretty good given the huge claim I had to make earlier this year (who'dve thought replacing one wing would cost over a grand?!) so I'm going to stick with that company again.

I'm now waffling in an attempt to do anything other than write. 'Tis odd. Ah well, I'm off to get some lunch and then get on with some writing. No, really.


Oh - and m_mcgregor, got your email, I'm looking into a way to fix it from the admin side - all the files seem to be on the server, it's just the interface isn't recognising them for some reason. I'll reply properly when I've tried out some stuff.
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Two more Faith-centric drabbles posted to iconfic150

I'm going down the drabble route right now because I actually find it more challenging to hit exactly 100 words (no more, no less) than to write a longer ficlet. That doesn't mean I'll be doing all 50 fics as drabbles, unless I get a little carried away of course!

Plus, the icons I'm making for that community will be all collected together in one post once it's complete. (That said, I'm very proud of the icons on that post - they all came out so much better than I thought they would! Especially the second last one - the 'crazy chick' one with Willow)
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