September 4th, 2006

life begins - me

Leave your troubles at the door unless you want some in here...

Wonderful. Guess someone up in the IT department hasn't switched something on yet today. Whole system is being insanely slow, I can't get into Semagic, took me forever to get to this page and what's the betting that it gets lost anyway when I try to post it? Seriously, it's like being back in the _end_of_days days when it was hit and miss if a reply posted or not... Ah well...

I've reached a decision about something this weekend, I'm going 'dry' for a while. As in, I am giving up alcohol. I was in a maudlin mood on Saturday but the beer I had (and the fact that the lack of food meant it got to work quicker and harder than it should have done) drove me down that spiral into depression. I don't think I have a problem with alcohol, other than I have expensive tastes and can't afford the decent stuff most of the time, but it is a depressant and in my current fragile state it only makes sense to steer clear of it. Plus, it'll save me some money in the long run.

I ended up watching the last two episodes of SPN yesterday by the way - holy hell! When's the new season start?! And I joined some SPN communities as well - man, they're busy little posters! I may have to filter them out to the melinacarniss flist just so that I don't miss any actual posts by you guys! (Plus, the MC flist is kinda dominated by DW stuff right now, it'll be interesting to see something else up there instead!)

So, I am better, honest, I kinda feel like crap because Dram had a bad night which meant I didn't sleep much (he's okay, he was being a bit frantic in the middle of the night and banging into the walls - eventually he was sick (on the carpet, natch) and that settled him down.) but mental health wise? Much improved. If I haven't said it enough, thank you all.

I'm rambling again aren't I? Ah well, you guys are used to that by now, right?

Oh - and RIP Steve Irwin.

ETA othercat? Can you take over this week at INAP?

another edit I have nothing to do... and the two jobs I spotted in the Guardian this morning aren't up on the companies sites yet so I can't even flaff about with application forms. And Willow's not speaking to me right now, which is a damn shame because otherwise I could be working on the OFWI2 fic (rather than having another random Dean&Faith moment going through my head, complete with dialogue).
coffee spam spam - engelsteorra

Bored, hungry and cold

engelsteorra? I miss having you around here - now I have to sit in this damn room and try to pretend I'm working instead of being through in the other office putting you off your work. And it's baltic in here right now, AC's on full blast and it's not summer anymore...

Typed up some of sis's college work for her, it's kinda... not good, and had a fluff attack whilst planning out a fic. Seriously, me writing sheer fluff with comedic undertones? What's the world come to?

I genuinly have no work to do, not even the little dribs and drabs that normally come in during the day and which I have become adept at spreading out so that I at least have *something* to do. Not only am I a cog in this machine, I am an irrelevant cog that's spinning free because there's no bloody work to do. Still, only an hour and a half before I can get home to indulge in some serious iconing. Got my claim for 100days100icons to work on (if not finish, but it's 90 icons so I doubt it'll be completely done tonight), I've got my entry for doctorwholims to work on and I also want to (surprise, surprise) work on a Supernatural wallpaper - and maybe some icons. Betcha I get none of that done though, the sink is kinda full of dishes so I should probably do that instead...
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