September 7th, 2006

life begins - me

Never gonna regret watching every sunset...

I feel better.

Much, much better. I don't want to analyse it too closely in case I jinx anything, but my moods have improved hugely, my skin is clearing up, the suitcases under my eyes are turning into carry-on luggage (pre-August) and I'm just... better.

One thing I have discovered about myself though, is that I don't actually need all that much sleep. I've been an insomniac for nearly 12 years now and I always thought of it as part of my depression but now that I'm not so down, I've been noticing myself waking up at least a half hour earlier every morning - and being able to get up and do things instead of just staying in bed trying to sleep. The lethargy is fading, the... I don't know the word - malaise maybe? is more or less gone.

And the good thing about getting up before 5 am is that I can get caught up with all the things I've been meaning to do and more.

I made more icons this morning, and, since I've been spamming you all lately with graphics and whatnot, I decided to finally do what I've been thinking of for a long time. fandomsbitca is where I will be posting my graphics and fic from now on. I'll probably be posting links and/or updates here when I do post something, but I'd love it if you would join the community! To kick things off, I made another 15 SPN icons and collated all of the SPN graphics so far in this post. (I made the first 15 of those suckers this morning before work. I'm... apparently quite productive at 5.30am!).

eta I've also just posted the AtS/SPN ficlet that attacked me on the drive into work the other day. *g* Lies and Dreams