September 9th, 2006

life begins - me

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Happy Birthday bastardsnowBastard Snow!

Hope you have/are having a fantabulous day!

I've posted a bunch of things over to fandomsbitca yesterday and today and not linked to them from here. Mara Jade ficlet : Outside Looking In; Doctor Who wallpapers; and more Supernatural wallpapers

Plus, I'm being productive with housework today, defrosted and cleaned the fridge/freezer, got about half of the laundry done (and will have it ironed tomorrow) and cleaned out the kitchen. Tomorrow I'll tackle the living room and bedroom and (if I have the time) start properly on the back bedroom. :)

Right, now I'm off to go try to remember how to make Ocean Pie - or find something else to do with the fish fillets that have now defrosted*... - and watch some more Supernatural episodes.

*suggestions (culinary suggestions that is) appreciated!
life begins - me

Design-type poll...

I'm never happy am I? Going to change my LJ and wanted some input. One thing I should say is that I suck at working to brief with graphics. When I open a new document it kinda takes on a life of its own so the end result might not exactly reflect the result of this poll...

But hell, it's fun anyway!

What should my LJ look like?

Supernatural theme - lots of images
Supernatural theme - simple
BtVS theme - lots of images
BtVS theme - simple
Serenifly - lots of images
Serenifly - simple
multi-fandom - lots of images
multi-fandom - simple
Graphics-free (for a change...)
Something else, which I will share with you in the comments...

Y'know what I'll be doing a week from today at this time? I'll be hurredly slapping on some make up and teasing acrazywench about the dual carriageway we have to cross to get back to the hotel where the convention's at... *g*)
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