September 11th, 2006

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I have a work-related conference/workshop thingy in Edinburgh today. I'm being a bit rebellious by wearing faded jeans, t-shirt top (albeit a plain, fairly smart one) and biker boots. (Y'know, my typical attire) and I don't really see the point of me being at this thing. (Boring joint library cataloguing project, which would potentially be of interest if I actually did any cataloguing but since I don't it's just a waste of my time.)

Anyway, point is, and I can't believe I didn't think of this until right now, it doesn't finish till half four. In Edinburgh. Which is an hour away from Glasgow by train, which is… what, a ten minute underground ride away from the Uni where my car is, and then there's another 40-55 minute drive home.

I'm not going to be in my house until around 8 o'clock tonight.

For a workshop that bears no relation to anything I do at work.

Unfortunately my boss is also going so I can't skip out early or anything like that.


Ah well, I can always sit at the back and write fic I guess…

(Would it be rude of me to have my MP3 player on during the train ride? *g*)

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