September 12th, 2006

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Son of a ...

The cold I had for like three weeks which kept getting better then coming back with a vengeance? Is back. I think. My throat is killing me today, I can hardly swallow and my head's all kablooie... I'm going to drool over meet Sean Maher at the weekend! I can't be sick!!


The workshop yesterday wasn't as bad as I feared, even got some networking in (which seemed to make my boss a little jealous when she saw I was schmoozing with the head of the joint cataloguing project, heh!) but ultimately the part I was interested in was the last part and because someone else over-ran it was smooshed into a tiny 5 minute section with the guy talking in technical terms that flummoxed most of the attendees (I got most of what he saying up until the 'algorithms' part...) And I got home just after 7 so it wasn't the end of the world.

Plus, I made more icons - after saying that I'd posted something new every day so far, I kinda saw it as a challenge to make something worth posting and since I had the newest s2 promo pictures sitting on my harddrive, I opened Photoshop. *g*

Plus, fresleyforever was keeping me amused with text messages yesterday (I had my phone switched off during the workshop - hence the four hour gap between replies!) and at her prompting I'm possibly going to be following up the AtS/Supernatural crossover ficlet I wrote the other day. When I say possiby, I mean probably... actually, I mean almost definitely... ah screw it! *opens Word*

Huh... randomly I just moved my foot and the toe I stubbed about three hours ago is still sore. Great, bet that's going to bruise... (I should probably warn those of you meeting me at Cubed that I've been a little accident prone lately and have bruises and cuts all over me... The best one is the one on my arm - almost a perfect circle and a lovely shade of browny-purple... *g*)

Anyway, off I go to try to find something to soothe my throat and stop this thing in its tracks...

ETA update on the sore toe. I was a little concerned that it might actually have been broken so I've just checked. It's not broken, it's not bruised, it also has no nail left on it. *gah!*
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oooo - graphics!

So my aim was to post a ficlet to fandomsbitca tonight, but it kinda... turned into a fic and isn't finished yet. So instead I have just posted 52 BtVS actress icons, plus I redid my layouts. Still working on the links colours because they're just a little too strong at the moment, but the two journals (whiskyinmind and fandomsbitca) have a similar type of layout. Both multi-fandom, thanks to the poll results but I will stand up and say I spent more time on this one which ironically (to me) looks less busy. *g*

Now I'm knackered so I'm going to go watch Hell House and fall asleep...

(Oh! I got approval for the new 100days100icons claim - would it surprise anyone to know that I've claimed Dean Winchester? *g*)