September 14th, 2006

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What I should be doing:
Dog-proofing the house
Buying the last minute things I need for the weekend

What I am doing:
mooching about in my PJs watching Mad About You reruns.

*shakes head*

fun times...
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Since my head has gone a little nuts...

... and I can't remember the time of the train I have to get to be at the airport in time, it's the eleven o'clock train.

I'm kinda packed, as in, I have clothes and stuff in a bag, but I'll no doubt repack it in the morning (plus, my jeans still aren't dry yet...) and then will no doubt still have forgotten something. I suck at organising! Now's when I would have a beer or a glass of wine to calm me down just a tad, but hey, not drinking means there's no beer or wine in the house... So I guess I'll just make some tea, watch some tv and try not to repack for at least a couple of hours.

Oh, and it's the eleven o'clock train I need to get in the morning.
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