September 18th, 2006

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Am home, am knackered, have been doing the 'planes, trains and automobiles' thing since around 8.30 this morning.

Will try to post a weekend summary post before I forget it all, but rest assured, it was a hella lot of fun! And, as thedothatgirl said at the time, Mark Sheppard is my new hero for the way he deals with annoying people who hog the mike and don't actually ask anything... (anyone who's been to a Starfury con lately will know exactly who I'm talking about here... *g*)

**hugs flist** (I'm back to skip=200 and I still ain't caught up!) (idly wonders where the voting for doctorwholims is at, since she busted her ass making an icon in the ridiculously short amount of time she had before she left for this weekend)
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