September 20th, 2006

life begins - me

I'm getting all introspecty today, aren't I?

Last post of the day, I promise.

Perhaps the fault is mine, perhaps I am too quick to jump into a situation where a junior staff member could cope, perhaps I do still have some remnants of the power-mad bitch I was when I first realised I was someone's boss. (seriously, you think Buffy in S7 was bad? Not a patch on me at one point in my working life!) But when someone asks for help, when a junior staff member goes to a supervisor and says "I don't know what to do", shouldn't that supervisor actually… help? Shouldn't they walk the junior staff member through the process so that when it comes up again they will know what to do? Shouldn't that supervisor spot the fact that the junior is having difficulties with a reader/user/customer and step in to offer support?

Isn't that what being a supervisor is?
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