September 25th, 2006

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Fucking kids!

Tyre slashed. Bonnet (hood) dented where the fuckers walked on it.

My no claims bonus was just recovering - now? Gah!

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car update

So I have a crime reference number now. Not sure what I'm meant to do with that but I guess it's in case the insurance company asks for it. If I end up making a claim - my neighbour (who normally I bitch at for parking directly opposite my driveway) came over (to be nosy it has to be said) and when he saw the dent he reckoned it could be fixable quite easily. So I popped the hood and between us he and I have it more or less dent-free again.

Still a huge bloody* footprint on the bonnet (which I'm leaving until I get an estimate from the garage so that when they take the photo it'll be public record (and presumably go with the file that the crime reference number relates to). And I was such a girl and had to call out the RAC to change the tyre for me. I've changed tyres in the past, I'm pretty damn good at it, but the nuts just would not budge at all. To my relief the RAC guy had trouble too (and ended up using an entire can of WD40 on it) so I don't feel quite so much of a girl for calling them out in the first place. :)

Had major issues with the webhost this morning - the server crashed around 11ish and it took far too long for them to get in touch with me and let me know what the sitch was. Well seeing I just renewed it at the start of September so they have their money now... (ooo, I'm getting bitter in my old age!) Have also been having major issues with random things all weekend - which I'm not quite ready to talk about yet (I'm fine- honest) - so I'm really, really, really behind on everything. And last night, when I had time to breathe, I couldn't string two words together to reply to the emails I need to reply to. I will hopefully get replies back tonight.

I did throw together some wallpapers to burn off some nervous energy, I was in the flow and I personally think one of these is the best thing I've ever created. I guess switching my higher functioning brain off and just going with my gut on what would work... worked. For me anyway. :)

And now I'm starving so I have to go make some dinner - the RAC guy took three hours to show up and I kinda skipped making lunch while I was waiting for him.

* not literally 'bloody' - I used my daily quota of 'the f word' in the last post so I'm falling back to my youth...