September 27th, 2006

Pratchett//redo from start - wildecate


emeraldswan, liz_marcs and thedothatgirl - if I haven't emailed you by the end of today kick me. Please. :)

I'm... doing okay today. Pissed off at people at work for being stupid but then, there's nothing new about that is there? DLing Heroes as I type - is it worth it? It looks like it could be but I've thought that about other shows in the past and been bored within the first five minutes... I didn't watch the second of the Rome docudrama thing because I was watching the second part of Stephen Fry's "Secret Life of the Manic Depressive". Yes. Definitely worth watching I would say.

I need to focus on something I think, I've gotten to the stage where there are a lot of things trying to get my attention and there's maaaaybe one too many things on the pile. OFWI2 fic, 100days100icons claim, spnlims round 2 and if they ever announce the next round (and if I got through which is kinda doubtful this round since I made the icon insanely quickly and now can't stand to look at it) doctorwholims as well. Plus the sites and the other fics and then sister's college stuff which I'm looking over (she's borderline dyslexic and hasn't written an essay in nearly twenty years, it's no big deal to me but she's kinda left it to the last minute) and the fandom meta *thing* that is turning out to have a longer bibliography than my Honours dissertation did, and you can see I have a lot on my plate. It's manageable, and AC, when I do reply tonight so is the thing I'm going to say, but if I let myself crash again everything could end up in a huge pile at my feet.

Oooo, introspection again, dontcha love it? I should go fix the mess *someone* made at work yesterday and then see what I can do about making a dent on some of this *stuff*

ETA Holy crap! I got through to the next round of doctorwholims!! Anyone know where I can get some decent Seventh Doctor images? (Sylvester McCoy) - the beeb ones are crappy resolution.

second ETA Gah! Of all the things I have to do, planning out the arc for Paths Crossed does not feature highly. So of course, that's all my brain seems to want to think about! Dammit! I now have an arc for Dean and Faith but not for Sam who is in danger of becoming a bit of a spare wheel/exposition man in this if I don't actively integrate him some more... (and y'know? this still is not shippy so much...)
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