September 28th, 2006

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I am never having kids...

It's only been a week and it's only been in the evenings but man, I am so never having kids! The ten month old obviously can't tell me what he wants/needs and I'm crap at guessing. The three year old has mood swings more randomly than even I do and the four year old is just a cheeky little so and so who is trying to be a 'big school boy' already. (If I didn't know them so well I'd worry about the eldest trying to grow up too fast but it's just a phase with him.)

And I am knackered. Seriously wiped out right now. I only had the youngest to watch last night and it ended up that he came to my house rather then me going up to theirs so it was a little less stressfull for me but still...

Got two out of the three emails sent but it was this morning rather than last night so liz_marcs and thedothatgirl can nudge me if you like. emeraldswan is now free to kick the crap out of me. Sorry sweetie - I will reply tonight, I promise! And then last night I got a couple of emails about the sites that need looked into - so that's more to do. Joy. Seriously though, if it wasn't for the family obligations thing I would be coping fine, and hopefully that'll be more stable at least by tomorrow - or at least we'll know more about what's going to happen.

I have no idea if everything that needed to be done this week at work has been done because my brain hasn't been functioning properly. I do know we had an email from this one guy who keeps emailing and complaining all. the. freaking. time. and I completely spaced on replying until yesterday so goodness only knows what else has slipped through the cracks this week. I'm sure it'll come and bite me next week...

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I should point out that a tired Sho is a crabbit Sho - and that she is even less likely to put up with crap coming from above than normal. So apologies in advance for general snappiness. Just... a blanket pre-emptive apology. :)
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