November 15th, 2006

buffy//grad day - me

oh man....

it's freakishly early and I've been awake and wandering the house for three hours already. Why? Because I suddenly woke up and remembered that I had some off campus ejournal checking to do last night that I forgot to do. That's right, I was doing work related stuff at home. In my own time.

And my boss doesn't see the argument for 'work from home' days...

(in case I forget when I get to work - Synergy and T&F are fine with Athens, Nature PG not so much)

Oh - random seeming question but it is related. Does anyone know of an IP anonymiser that will accept form submissions? We use one at work for off campus checking (it circumvents our proxy server and lets us verify IP authenticated sites) but it wont accept usernames because it blocks form submits. (See? There is a valid reason to use anonymisers!)

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