January 22nd, 2007

btvs//xander's hand hurts - me


'kay, I totally forgot that the list I'm working on at work mostly involves me clicking on links and verifying the PDFs open. Clicking. With the mouse. Which I can't do left handed. Wonderful.

And now I've just found out that we've got a placement student visiting today and I have to spend an hour with her talking about electronic journals. Every other supervisor bar one is spending a half hour. How come I drew the short straw here?

Forgot my headphones this morning (they're in my other jacket) so I'm judging the AVAs at a really low volume and hoping like hell no one notices!

See, I'm in pain, positive attitude has more or less gone out the window. *shakes head* I'll be fine once my hand's sorted and I can actually do stuff again. Now I'm going to go and try to find an hour's worth of material about my job that won't bore this girl to tears.