January 27th, 2007

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I have the best friends. Really. I kinda love you guys.

I'm fine, well, I'm heading there anyway, I knew I would be. I swung a little too high yesterday and today after my extreme low of Thursday so I can only apologise to everyone who was around me during my slightly manic, extremely hyper stage.

Unsurprisingly, since it's been offline for about six months, Chalk It Up To Hormones is no longer the recognised FreezeFrame site for the episode Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered. I'm not too upset by that, because the reason for starting it in the first place was because it was nigh on impossible to find decent caps for that episode that didn't centre around the Terrible Trio of Spike, Angelus and Dru who are actually only in the episode for around ten of the 42 minutes. Finding caps of Xander? Forget about it. So another site now has the FreezeFrame nod of approval which means my caps are not going to go back online. The Doctor Who caps likewise are not going back up because there's a lot of damn good sites out there covering that and there's no need for me to duplicate what they are doing. (Honestly, the reason I started doing it was part ego trip and partly because the people who were routinely housing the caps were getting a little complacent and only generating a few caps on a Thursday after the episode aired on Saturday. Once I started putting them up the others actually began to race against me which was fun for a while.)

I may still be doing a caps site though, maybe. There's a few really good sites out there for Supernatural caps but a lot of them are lacking - try finding hi-res caps of the episode Dead in the Water sometime to see what I mean - and there is a FreezeFrame offshoot for SPN caps and I need to keep busy right now, so we'll see. (The offshoot site has the awsome name Exit Light, Enter Night) There's a handy script which will generate the gallery and all I have to actually do is cap the episode and code up a few pages which I can kinda do in my sleep so it's not exactly a huge amount of work.

So the plan tomorrow is to get as much out of the way as possible.
- Final draft of my slayerversathon fic.
- Update said 'athon masterlist.
- Return smhwpf's beta.
- AVA round 2 banners.
- Validate votes over at the WKA (closing mid-week - get voting!)
- Sam icons, or decide to abandon the claim (due on the 6th Feb., I'm not having a lot of luck with them)
- Go through the sites and see what I can update and what I can remove.
- Look into capping DitW for Exit Night, Enter Light.
- Jess (SPN)/Alec (DA) requested icons for others and Dean/Meg icons for me. Because I really am a little bit twisted. (Any other non-canon couple icons people'd like to see? Comment here, it'd help if I know the fandoms but I'm happy to do crossovers or whatever (and if you can point me towards screencaps that would be awesome)).

I am deliberately not putting a lot of stress on any of these. If I can get them done then that's fantastic, but since I'm kinda fragile mentally right now (because, yes, I am a flake) it will not be the end of the world if I don't finish them. (thedothatgirl, I will let you know tomorrow if there's going to be any problem with me finishing the banners for the AVAs.)
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