February 1st, 2007

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slight technical glitch

So I can't log into the site management end to officially close the voting over at White Knight Awards for some reason so it'll be tonight when I get home that it'll be done. So if you're quick, I'll count in any votes cast right up until the voting form vanishes (traffic permitting, that should be 7pm GMT).
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Hee! And Holy Crap!

Okay, so I just snuck a look at the totals over at WKA and you guys are making full use of the extra day voting... Thank you for breaking most of the ties! You have another two and half hours (or longer if my FTP client decides to be pissy with me again!) and I promise I won't swear at y'all if the ties re-appear in that time... ... and your time's up! Voting's closed - and all the ties are broken. I'll be working on the banners as soon as possible, and winners should be announced on Sunday night/Monday morning. :)

And as for the Holy Crap!

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