February 5th, 2007

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Happy Birthday skarmanskarman!!

Had a not great weekend so I'm behind on things again, working on the WKA banners throughout the day and hope to have them posted tonight. thedothatgirl, I'll get the reviews to you asap (and yes, the *thing* is finalised unless you can suggest some changes? (I was planning on not having it loop continuously but the damn thing was so large that by the time it loads the animation's fininshed!)

I also owe people replies to comments because I suck and have been hibernating a little since the middle of last week. Will get to them asap, I promise! 

ITV2 aired "In My Time of Dying", the Supernatural season two opening episode last night. I knew it would be weird watching it with ad breaks anyway, but wtf was that random one where it not only cut in mid-scene but mid-sentence?! Just... weird! And they're playing it at 28 frames per second which is not enough to speed things up too much, but is enough to raise voices slightly higher in their range. Which meant that a lot of the emotional impact of John's "Don't be scared..." speech was kinda lost a little.

But John! *cries* and Sam's determination not to give up on the Impala "if there's even one working part..." and Bobby not calling him on what he was really talking about. And the Ouija board, and the "if I can grab it, I can kill it" and the "we were just starting to be brothers again" and the sight of Dean in scrubs... (what? you thought I was somehow less shallow than normal? *g*)
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can't breathe, head's full of cotton wool, not up to sitting in front of Photoshop right now. WKA announcement will be delayed till tomorrow. Sorry guys.

eta the reason I can't breathe is 'cause I've got a head cold. Not fun, but nothing too serious.
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