February 14th, 2007

life begins - me

Wanted - more time in the day

The big-ish things that I'm working on are currently kicking my ass right now. Not helped by the fact that the roadworks are getting worse and it refuses to rain. (Since my car bonnet was walked over it's nigh on impossible to open the hood which means my windscreen washers are nigh on impossible to refill regularly which means my windscreen isn't exactly easy to see out of all the time... If it would just rain... (or I could go clean the car and get the hood fixed, but that would be the sensible thing to do!))

So I'm doing as much as I can during tea breaks and at lunch at work and when I finally get home I'm working on something completely different - yes I know, what happened to the 'one thing at a time' rule? But most of what I'm doing is essentially the same thing just for different reasons... Oh hell, I may as well tell you.

I'm working on sites.

Seven of them.

Yes, I am insane.

They are actually ready to go in a very basic format but I'm working on designs for them right now and I want them to be spot on when I launch 'em so it'll be a li'l bit longer before they're ready to go, hopefully not too long though! A week, at most I would say. I also have a couple of ficathons to write for, which are all kinds of awesome (both crossovers - one of them is still looking for participants - spn_btvs, go - sign up!) and the contests at the two LIMS communities (spnlims and deanandsamlims). Just as well I like keeping busy isn't it?

So yeah, busy, very busy right now which means I suck at replying to comments and commenting on your posts. I do read them, I promise.

ETA *gulp* I just worked out I have to make at least twenty distinct graphics for these sites. Well, I don't *have* to, but I want to. *gulp*
life begins - me

kicks computers

My torrent client is screwing up on me. Took me 36 hours to dl Studio 60 because it kept failing on me. Left Heroes running overnight last night and woke up to find it had failed, rebooted it and left it running while I was at work. Guess what? It failed. So that's a ridiculous amount of time I'm having to wait for this episode and I can't log into Semagic while it's running because the combination of the two programmes throws me offline. Dunno why. I should check it out I guess.

And since I have a torrent running, the main computer's pretty much screwed for graphics making as well tonight. So I switched on the laptop to find that the monitor's not working. Happens now and then and it seems like the only way to fix it is to unplug it, leave it running till the battery drains, then hook it up to the mains and start from scratch.

So no graphics tonight, probably no chance to watch Heroes till tomorrow night, no vidding tonight, and no access to the FTP server 'cause that programme's on my laptop...

I don't like not having anything I can do. It weirds me out.