February 20th, 2007

life begins - me

Sho's day so far

5:25 - alarm goes off
5:30 - Sho remembers she doesn't have to get up 'cause she's got a doctor's appointment in the village
5:45 - snooze alarm goes off
6:00 - snooze alarm goes off again, this time the *cough*DJ is singing along to Aerosmith. Sho resists the urge to throw the alarm across the room.
6:30 - Sho makes breakfast, thinks, I'll watch Studio 60, then go for a shower, then head to the doctors.
8:55 - Sho wonders what the hell happened to the last two hours and jumps in the shower
9:15 - Sho jumps out of the shower, into a pair of jeans which weren't as dry as she thought they were and a denim shirt and runs out of the door.
9:21 - Sho gets to the doctor's surgery only a minute late, and collapses onto the faux leather bench
9:35 - Sho gets to see the doctor
9:37 - Sho starts hyperventilating internally when doc says he thinks it's time to start reducing the dosage on the meds
9:40 - Sho is in the pharmacy clutching the script and knowing this might be the last time she gets that green and white box
10:36 - Sho arrives at work and struggles to reverse park into a space. Sho's a good driver, she can reverse park, she just can't today.
10:49 - Sho makes a cup of tea
10:55 - reminder pops up on Sho's Outlook reminding her about a meeting at 11. She's still wearing creased jeans and a denim shirt, with hair that looks a little like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards...
11:01 - Sho sighs heavily, knows her tea will be cold soon, and heads into meeting...
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