February 24th, 2007

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more updates on INAP

I was contacted overnight by someone who mentioned that the default 'murder' skin isn't friendly to people who are red/green colourblind. I knew in advance that some people wouldn't particularly like the red on the page, so I left in one of the default layouts - from the drop down you could choose "Zenlike" which is a principally grey skin. This morning I've been working on another layout so there's a grey/brown layout to choose from as well called 'edgey'. It's adapted (as is the murder layout) from another person's design (Kali generously makes these available to other webmasters) and I'm still tweaking it - like the black links on the title bar which is annoying me because I can't find where the damn piece of code for that is (but I will!). More skins will be offered soon but I thought I'd throw it open here.

What colours would you like? Is there a specific image you'd like to see?

(link to the site)
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*note to self*

One baked potato with cheese and beans does not make an entire day's meals. Eat more food if you plan on opening the European beers...

Busy day today, was babysitting the nephews and niece last night cause it was BiL's birthday and sis took him out for a charity race night thing. Was kinda fun but sis has only terrestrial TV and no computer so when the kids went to sleep I was bored out of my brain. Caught some of Ugly Betty though, looks okay, bit bubblegummy though so I probably won't be making a habit of watching it. Eldest nephew wanted to tell me about a nightmare he had and I talked to him about dream-catchers and how the monsters (a scorpion apparently, I think he saw Mummy II last week) were only make-believe, and I told him that I'd help him make a dream-catcher today (Saturday) if he wanted. So I go up to their house this afternoon to help with their shopping (three kids and a pregnant woman, they need the help...) and discover that nephew's been a wee sod all morning and his dad has told him he can't have a dream-catcher today. Much as I disagree with BiL about other things, I'll follow his lead when it comes to his children, so nephew was basically a little so-and-so all day today. We will be making a dream-catcher next week, so long as he behaves, but dealing with the fallout of a four year who's being a little sod, a three year old who's being three, and a one year old who's teething... yeah, no wonder I cracked open the beer!

Didn't get to see the rugby today, I could have sworn the Scotland-Italy game was the middle of the three games, but it turns out it was the first. We got gubbed. Badly. At home. by Italy. *shakes head*

And - the reason I'm really posting right now is this!

Her Own Path has been chosen as 'Fic of the Month' over at Buffy & Angel Art

*hugs thedothatgirl* Thank you once again honey!