February 28th, 2007

life begins - me

and it keeps on sucking...

my broadband company have suspended my account 'cause my bank cancelled my direct debit after I missed January's payment. I just phoned them. They can't reconnect me until the 20th March, assuming the next payment goes through.

So I'm stuck on dial up at the moment and my god this is slow...

I did all the serious uploading for the sites over the last couple of days asides from the graphics, so I'm still good to go with them, and I can still get online to send the reviews to thedothatgirl and validate stories at Daughters of Sineya so I should be okay for now. Fingers crossed I'm going back to work tomorrow and can catch up with all the comments there, but for now, and apparently until the 20th March... I'm going to be scarce.

This sucks.
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life begins - me

And another new site launch!

Well, actually a relaunch. Unfortunately when my domain was hacked last summer I lost all of the content on the database for this site so it really is starting from scratch. But I know that I've missed this place, and from some comments I know a few of you have as well. So, fanboys and fangirls, shout it from the rooftops - Effects of a Troubled Heart is back baby!
Come on over, sign up, and lets get those Faith/Xander and Faith&Xander stories back out there! I hate dial up... have I mentioned that yet today?!