March 14th, 2007

spn//dean elac pain - me


You guys (and chocolate and loud music) rock like a rocking thing.

I'm still mid-emo attack right now, so I'm still a little AWOL but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. *tacklehug*

In other news...four remaining prompt ficlets and three ficathon assignments - one of which is already overdue but somehow decided it needed to be restarted - and all I'm finding myself writing is "Finding the Path" (companion piece to "Her Own Path").


Anyone up for kicking me into gear and standing glaring at me until I finish something? There could be cookies in it for you.

(and am I alone in slightly dreading the new season of Doctor Who? Some of the things I've been reading are making me think Rusty believes his 'Companion > Everything else' formula worked and is ignoring those of us who were pissed off by it.)