March 22nd, 2007

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Sweet Charity Pimp!

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby

So I'm back, more or less. And pimping! I'm on Sweet Charity as Shona aka Mara. I'm offering two lots of graphics. A lot, in my head, is five major graphics - in whatever form the winning bidder wants. So say you wanted an LJ set, there would be a banner, a friends only banner, a set of five matching icons, a userinfo graphic and one other graphic you wanted. Or you could have five wallpapers. Or five sets of icons.

Fandoms I will do graphics for: Supernatural. Buffy. Angel. Heroes. Doctor Who (New Series only - 9 or 10) and Heroes.

Crossover graphics are fine - hell, look at my own LJ banner! The only thing I will not do is NC-17 manips and I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Wincest or Petrellicest, so if that's what the winning bidder wants it might be more fraternal love than bromance because I just can't.

Head on over to Sweet Charity, take a look at some of the awesome talent that's on offer there, and bid away!!