April 5th, 2007

life begins - me

Just a reminder to the flist

since there seems to have been a fair few spoilers unveiled over the last few days for various programmes I thought it only fair that I mention this.

Spoil me and I will end you.

</public service announcement>


Seriously, I am 99.99999% unspoiled for SPN, I'm completely unspoiled for Heroes and Veronica Mars, I plan on staying that way. (The 0.00001% spoiler was because of the places where spoilers were posted a while ago, even without reading the posts it was pretty clear what was going to happen.)
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life begins - me

I don't know what I'm doing...

I'm at work with my cold. I have zero concentration span and my head is bursting. I've had the same sheet of paper in front of me for two and a half hours and still am no clearer about what I'm meant to be doing with it...

so flist, help me out here? I have to be here as a physical presence because of staffing levels, but it's clear that whatever I do mentally today is going to have to be redone another day when my brain cells are less groggy.

What can I do?

ETA okay, so I coped with the fact that Winchester Journals decided against relaunching the fic archive when they were hacked because I still had Urban Legends to fall back on. But now Urban Legends has disappeared?! Dammit - are there any active gen-friendly SPN fic archives any more?!

second edit ... and here comes the fever. I really, really, really should go home now. Gah! three and a half hours, I can last long.