May 4th, 2007

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I think that probably qualifies as a breakdown, don't you? I have spent the last three days sleeping. More or less constantly.

I figure my body must have needed it so I'm not too worried about it, the fever and the fact that even when I did go outside into the bright sunshine on Wednesday I was shivering does concern me slightly, but I'm at work today and although I'm not feeling great, I'm here. And it's almost the weekend.

fresleyforever, sorry I missed your calls yesterday, my phone was in the other room and I just didn't hear it. If you get a chance to see this before you go, enjoy Collectormania and I'll see you next Friday.
life begins - me

Flist? Opinions?

What are your opinions on fics which are essentially collected fragments of a fictional text? As in, letters, phone call transcripts, diary entries? Do they need a grounding point of view or (if well written) do they stand on their own as just those partial texts?

(I'm thinking here of stories like bastardsnow's excellent Stars (Dear Diary Remix) and the like)

Plus, I'm now awake and bored. Anyone got anything that looks vaguely like work and will keep me distracted for the afternoon? (Not allowed to use my headphones except on breaks so vids and songs are out for now)

(random edit here, I don't normally eat breakfast but it's been pointed out to me numerous times (mostly by acrazywench that not doing so is not healthy. So I started eating breakfast lately, but now I get hungrier earlier in the day. That's just so wrong! I'm starving right now, and I said I would stop in to Mothercare to pick up some newborn sleepsuits and scratchmits for my sister (she has gift vouchers to use up). It'll be another four hours before I get home probably. I may keel over on the way.)