May 10th, 2007

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my sister's in labour.

wenchpixie? I might have to cancel dinner tonight - I'll keep you updated.

And now I have no idea how I'm getting to the airport tomorrow 'cause she won't be driving me anyway.

And I somehow don't think I'm going to be getting my hair cut today either. Wonderful.

Hmmm. Just been doing some researching. I can get the train and bus/taxi and it'll cost me around a tenner each way. Or I could drive up and put the car in long term parking for just over twenty quid if I book it online. That might actually work out better for me. I'll have a think about it. Screw it, I just booked the long term parking option. Saves me getting stressed about it. Now all I have to stress about is the fact that there's no petrol in the car and I need to go get some at some point today. Hmmm. Might actually go do that right now.
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It's a girl

Which I knew anyway.

Born at 8:13 this evening, weighing 7lbs. Twenty days before her due date. Mother and baby are doing fine, staying in overnight even though baby's feeding already. I figure they need the break. BiL is shattered but very proud father right now.

I'm knackered, headachey, and have no shampoo or tissues or other last minute little things I meant to get. Guess I'll be shopping in Coventry tomorrow then. *g*

So I'll be gone until Monday, try not to do anything I wouldn't do till I get back...
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