May 18th, 2007

buffy//grad day - me

getting too old for this...

for the second day in a row I got to work after nine and am just about asleep at my desk. I am being propped up by caffeine and the thought that at least it's the weekend tomorrow... (even though I have a zillion projects to finish tomorrow, the Sweet Charity layouts, the banners for the winners at spn_provenance, the fics for fic_variations and 100songs, the new site to work on, my hedge to cut because it's blocking my TV signal... *g*)

Continued Asylum reports will be coming soon, probably not today unless my brain kicks into gear within the next hour or so, and I'm not reading my flist until I've seen the second part of AHBL, so if anything important needs answered/looked at/squeed over in the next twelve hours - link me?

And of course there's this...

SPN Season 3 Here We Come!!!!

(ETA thedothatgirl? I have my shortlist of vids for round 5 with me today, I'm going to rewatch them over lunch and get my placings back to you this afternoon - I swear it! Since I'll be graphics chick this weekend, do you want/need me to work on templates or animations?)

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