May 25th, 2007

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random update

The Art of Vidding Awards Round 5 Winners have been announced - tough judging this time because so many of the vids were of a similar quality. But yay - we finally got a new series DW vid that was actually watchable! (And we got a Xander-centric vid that was well made!) Round 6 is open for submissions but thedothatgirl is surfing right now and won't be able to update the site until she gets back at the start of June. Go, enter! This is the last round before the 'Best of the Best' round and after that we're going to be overhauling the submission categories and fandoms so this is the perfect time to submit!

I have much love for Dark Angel now, can't seem to stop watching it for some reason (and it's not just the Jensen effect because I love season 1 too!) and it's eating into my SPN finale rewatch time!

I've begged an extension for my essay becase it became really clear last night that there was no way I was going to finish it to my satisfaction in time. I will have it done by Saturday evening, I swear!

And finally... wenchpixie recced this astounding vid in her journal and I want to echo it. It's by skeezerbeans1 and is absolutely awesome. It is a complete summation of the overall arc of Supernatural seasons 1 and 2. Therefore there are spoilers for the finale - if you have not seen the finale, don't watch the vid yet. Just don't. (monkey_matt, this means you). If you have seen the finale, go, watch, stand back and say "This is why I love this show..." (eta wenchpixie has the YouTube version imbedded in her journal, or you can download it from the link I posted above - if you like the vid, please give feedback!)

ETA Yeah, I know I said finally, but I've been spammy enough the past few days so I'm editing this with memes! Collapse )
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Screw it

You're getting spammed.

Currently going through a bit of a health scare with newest niece, I'm sure she'll be fine but it sucks not *knowing* and not being able to do anything. (She's jaundiced and has lost 12% (I think it was) of her birth weight. She was 7lbs when she was born.) So I'm sitting chewing my fingernails, sucking at recycle-bin-basketball, and generally fidgeting (to the annoyance of everyone in the office I'm sure).

So people? Spam me! Fics, pics, vids, random stories, random comments about how sucky LJ is being right now, pr0n, cute animals (those last two preferably not at the same time) - spam me!
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