May 31st, 2007

Pratchett//redo from start - wildecate


I'm not planning on going anywhere, I have a permanent account here and I plan to keep both it and the communities I run. That said, I do also have other options.

Greatest Journal -
This was the first alternative I set up during the great LJ Blackout in... '04 was it? I keep meaning to use it as a mirror for here but it never quite worked out that way 'cause I'm inherently lazy.

Insane Journal -
Signed up for this today because it looks pretty decent. There's no content there yet and I'm going to do some exploring to see if it'll work out.

Vox (yes, still Six Apart) -
I have used this to post meta and essays which could well offend some people. Believe it or not, in my role as webmistress for (one of) the largest Xander-centric sites on the web I've been careful not to be too subjective about my views on certain matters. That restraint does not carry over into my Vox account. There are no personal attacks, there is nothing there that I would not cheerfully debate with people, but there may be some things there that you do not agree with.

I have a Blurty account somewhere as well, but since it's been around 7 years since I even looked at it I'd have to struggle to remember my log in details.

Feel free to friend me on any of these sites - I will of course return the favour! - but don't worry. I'll still be on LJ.

ETA Finally LJ staff speak up. (thanks to amy_star_ for the link). Personal viewpoint on this? Way too little, way too late. As was mentioned in the comments, there's this nifty little thing called voice posting, or SMS posting, so the whole 'I was out of town' excuse for not responding earlier is clearly bull.
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