June 12th, 2007

spn//dean elac pain - me

Dear everyone in this office

Nice to know you're so damn observant. The reason I was doubled up ten minutes ago is because I was fighting the impulse to throw up. The reason I switched the lights off and spent five minutes clutching my head with my eyes closed is because I have pre-migraine symptoms.

So shut the hell up.

Seriously, I can barely move but I will tear your tongue out of your head if you don't shut up very soon.


(apart from monkey_matt who emailed me to empathise)

(Two people walked right past me in the worst of it there and neither commented on the fact that my head was just above the desk and my knuckles were white. I could be dying here folks and you'd never know it...)


Steve!! On my phone!!

*it'll be over soon and I'll be bouncy again, soon as my head stops trying to explode*