June 13th, 2007

life begins - me


I only just went back to viewing all the communities on my flist because I figured I'd have at least the summer hiatus to remain spoiler free... but I guess not. The spoilers are already cropping up over at supernatural_tv so I guess I'll go back to filtering again...

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Okay, I have my laptop with me and had been planning to make icons before I started at nine, but hey I ended up talking about the freshers' fair which no one but me and maybe a couple of others actually care about... *g*

aditu_az, those two personal icons you want - do you have an idea of the timestamp in the source? I know one of them is at the end, but the first one I don't remember where that was (just to save me a little time at lunch today).

Right, it's actually after nine now, I suppose I should pretend to do some work...

(the migraine came to nothing by the way - I drank gallons of water and ate to get my blood sugar sorted again, it helped a whole lot)

ETA randomly (since I haven't seen her in person for months), I just bumped into Annette, the new FF organiser. I was talking to her but not giving her my plans yet, seems like *a* committee somewhere has already met and decided to go with the old theme. Including buying bananas. Seriously, M&Ms will be cheaper in the long run...
life begins - me

Dear Supernatural Fandom

Spoil me and I will end you.

I am a spoilerphobe, I don't want to know what's coming before I get to see it on the screen. As a media graduate it's hard enough to find a show I can enjoy without tearing it to shreds on a technical level and when I do manage to find that, I really don't want the suspense and the anticipation ruined by knowing what's coming.

For the entire second half of season two I had my friends list on here filtered right down to not include communities so that I could get to the finale without knowing anything. I had hoped that I could go back to my full flist now it's the summer but alas it seems that I may have to cut some communities completely because the spoilers are already starting.

So, a public service announcement. If you are an individual on my friends list who is likely to post spoilers, please comment here. If you would rather stay on my friends list please think about posting anything spoilery behind a cut so that those of us (like me) who don't want to know, don't stumble across it without warning.

*frets a little*

I'm not doing this to be mean, I don't want to lose any friends over this, but I just don't want to be told what's coming. Guessing, speculation, that's all fine - hell, it's half the fun. But concrete facts? Not for me thanks.