June 15th, 2007

life begins - me

For your info.

I consider casting news and episode titles as spoilers. This time last year if I'd known Bobby, Ellen, Jo and Ash (etc) were slated to become recurring/semi-regular characters I'd have been annoyed.

I'm therefore annoyed this morning because despite my post less than two days ago, I've been spoiled.

So here's my policy - if you post something spoilery out of a cut, you go off my default view. I don't want to defriend you because I love my flist, but I will not be spoiled. If you think you're off my default list and post something you want me to see, post a comment or link in whatever my most recent post is.

Sorry, but it's only June. I still can't quite believe I'm having to do this before they've even started filming for the next season!