June 21st, 2007

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Screw it - SPN vid recs

So I'm a judge over at the Art of Vidding Awards (run by the ever amazing thedothatgirl) and I've been meaning to compile a list of vid recs based on the rounds for a while, but I always blank on doing it by the time the judging is over. So this time, I'm posting recs mid-judging. (Which is bloody hard this round!) I'm not going to say anything about them because that might hint where my votes are leaning. But seriously - you will not regret watching any of these. (Most contain material through to the Season Two finale so beware spoilers)

It's Been Awhile by mnallison02 - Dean-centric. What's that sticker they put on albums? Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics?

Fell On Black Days by ringwench - Sam-centric.

Never Meant To Fail by wolfpup2000 - Ensemble.

Leave Out All The Rest by snoopernatural - Sam-centric.

Scared by brighette - Ensemble (supporting cast)

Who Do You Hurt Now? by Kitty - Sam-centric.

(Once the winners have been announced I'll come back and let you know what I think about these! Plus, click on the tag to see the other two in this round that I have previously linked to - skeezerbeans1's Requiem and of course the Supernatural Menace vid.