June 26th, 2007

life begins - me

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life begins - me

I love you guys...

I'm... better.

I think.

I was at work yesterday and I posted to IJ in a post which broke me. It was lunchtime, I got up, I went and locked myself into the staff toilets and cried until I could look in the mirror and wonder how all these Hollywood types can do the crying thing without getting bright red noses. I had bumped into a girl who knows my situation on the way but she obviously saw what state I was in and didn't say anything.

This morning when she came in, she walked up to my desk and started singing to me. I forget what she sang but she admitted thirty seconds later that she was only doing it to make me laugh.

It worked.

As did the recs you guys gave me yesterday - I've still to start Distant Relations and to read more than one part of Things I learned My Freshman Year Of College (damn you J2 for sucking me into RPS... (still not a fan of RPS, this is AU enough that I'm choosing to read this as a happy coincidence that the actors are playing characters with the same names...)) but all of the others have either made me grin, laugh, or feel all warm and snuggly (yes, wenchpixie, I'm looking at you here...). So thank you.

And I'm still up for any and all recs you guys want to give me (because I'm a fic whore really).

Those of you who got to see my IJ entry (which is flocked on IJ) - I'm not so self-deprecating now. I still doubt my abilities in a way that I figure is partly healthy and partly not-so-healthy, but I don't think I'm a bad person anymore. Honest.

I'm still down, and I'm still a little AWOL (akthough you'd never know it apart from missing comment replies...) but I'm getting there.

Thank you all.

(and I don't say it enough - I really appreciate all of you guys putting up with my swings. I know I can go from hyper and bouncing all over the place to the absolute doldrums, and I know that can be unpredctable and annoying. I really do appreciate you guys, I am so lucky to be blessed with friends like you.)
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I drabbled and I'm a shameless attention seeker and want you to read 'em. They're vaguely slashy - one femslash, one maleslash (willow/jenny, xander/lindsey) but completely PG-13 rated because (unlike my alter-ego/sock-puppet) I'm not comfortable with higher ratings. Um. I have nothing other to say other than I am shamelessly attention seeking and I followed my good friend monkey_matt's advice and spent some hard-earned cash on alcohol?

I may delete this post in the morning when reality comes crashing back down on top of me.

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