June 28th, 2007

b/x//chosen - emeraldswan

More drabbles and getting there...

I dun more drabbling... T'was smhwpfSam who provided the Willow/Xander immediately post-Grave prompt, and I took it and ran. And apparently am again living up to my Queen of Angst title.

Gradually getting better as the week's going on, not exactly in leaps and bounds, but gradual's probably better. (Except for my immune system sucking right now and there being a stomach bug going around...)

I have a huge thank you to say to all of you, but two of you in particular. thedothatgirl - thank you for the clotted cream! Again, it went to my neighbour's house because my postie is a honey - I got teased a little bit about the 'providing the scones' comment! And emeraldswan - wow. Thank you so much honey! (Mary sent me a gorgeous silver starfish pendant necklace, it arrived yesterday and is around my neck today).

*hugs you all*

Okay... why am I only getting comment notifications on my community entries and not my personal journal? I'm not ignoring you guys, honest, I just... didn't know the comments were there! (and yet the fandomsbitca ones are showing up straight away)

ETA Everyone must read this right now. monkey_matt wroted fic... *grins*
da//x5-494 - unfamiliargirl

More drabbles...

Dark Angel this time. (Speaking of, I could do with a couple more Alec or X5-494 prompts...)

Also, if you haven't read it yet - monkey_matt sent me this fic by email and doesn't want to post it in his own journal. It's Xander & Spike in Xander's basement. It's crack, it's fun, it's Monkey all over. Go, read it and tell him he needs to write more fic.


Right, now I'm going to go to sleep. Yes, it's only just about 8pm but at least it's not just after 6 like it was yesterday when I fell asleep...