July 2nd, 2007

life begins - me

The joys of motoring...

So, my tank empty warnng light came on Saturday afternoon as I was on the way back from the supermarket after helping sis do her shopping (in exchange for six eggs, a pint of milk and a pound of mince, she thinks this will be enough food to get me through the week...). I had no cash to pay for petrol but I knew I'd make it home because the light comes on when I've still got maybe 50 miles left in the tank.

But. My car's not running too well at the moment, it's overdue a service and it's six years old. Too old to go 18 months without a service...

So, it was just under ten miles back to my house after the light came on, I still have no cash today (long story involving new bank account and postal strikes meaning my pin number has yet to get to me) and I'm at work. A return trip to work is 32 miles from my house.

So that'll be 42 miles all in, which if my car was running in peak condition would not be a problem at all, but as it stands? Who knows....

So what do you think, will I make it home tonight or will I end up stranded somewhere on a country road with no petrol and no RAC membership anymore?

Will Sho make it home tonight?

Yes - not a problem at all!
Yes, but only just
Nope. She'll *almost* make it but have to walk the last five miles.
Nope, she'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no mobile phone reception.
Are you kidding? The car won't even start never mind go anywhere...
Who cares?

For Monkey who misses them.... Ticky box?

What is this 'petrol' of which you speak?

(hopefully my pin number is in my mailbox when I get home tonight, the money is in the bank, I checked, I just can't get it right now...)
life begins - me

10 miles

10 miles short of home my car stopped.


I had to phone my sister to come rescue me, she's decidedly pissed off and not talking to me. What a shame. (Can I just say how fantastic it is that she had to come help me out for a change rather than the other way around? (yeah... I have serious issues here!))

Got to the bank and actually spoke to a bank teller to get money out - and she remembered my name from last time I was in depositing all the coppers and 5p pieces what... two weeks ago. I actually think I miss customer service like this - it was good to speak to her and have her remember me and genuinely seem to hope I was doing well. (As did the wee woman in the first petrol station I got too.)

So anyway - busy catching up with season two of Life on Mars (John Simm rocks my socks)  and hoping to get graphics done for some of the things I owe folks (plus posting new challenge at spn_provenance - go vote for round three if you haven't yet!). And I changed my default email account for LJ because up until now I've been spam free on that account and now all of a sudden I'm getting spam through LJ. Joy. It's not one I can check during the day so if you know my gmail account please use it. (If you don't and tend to use my moments-lost one or mara_sho @ livejournal  one then I won't get it straight away but will answer as soon as I possibly can).

Wow, that almost took on a work related tone. Huh. I hope this information has been of use, but if there's anything further we can do to be of assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch...