July 3rd, 2007

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Dominik Diamond is an arse.

Dominik has presented a bunch of things on TV and radio in the UK and he likes to think of himself as a 'cheeky chap' in a way that kinda works for breakfast radio - it did for the XFM Scotland radio station. I liked his breakfast show, and then in June we learned that he was leaving the station at the end of the month. Like many people I got in touch with the show on his last day to say good luck and thanks for the show. I got a reply. (It's semi-automated from the look of it)

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So yeah... up until getting that email I was kinda feeling bad for him and interested to see where he'd be going. Now though... well, he can bite me. I'll be sticking with Julyan on XFM now. :)

Now I have to head into work and hope like hell I can take two days off on the 23rd and 24th because Dude!! Steve!! Acoustic in London!!

...and I'm just hearing on the news that a car's undergone a controlled explosion outside a Mosque in Glasgow? What?!

Got into work and checked the news. Apparently the car outside the Mosque wasn't subject to any specific intelligence that it was a threat but they cordoned it off and exploded it anyway. And there's also been controlled explosions at the hospital in Paisley where the guy who rammed the jeep into the Airport is being treated.

(And I've got the 23rd and 24th off on leave, now I just need to find a cheap way of getting to London that I can pay for with cash since I don't have any other way of paying now...)

eta y'know what's a really bad idea? getting a hangover on a Tuesday morning and coming in to find two Sparks fixing the light opposite you that's not worked for years, and for them to fix it and it to be so bloody bright that it feels like your brain's being fried. My eyes! Owww.

eta or maybe not so much with the hangover... Hello low blood sugar, haven't seen you around here for a while...